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Kharkov taxi and Airport car transfer from Kyiv to Kharkiv


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All information about transportation to, in and from Kharkov

written in May 2012

Is Kharkov airport far from downtonw?

Kharkov international Osnova Airport is located at 15 km from

Is there a bus shuttle from Kharkov Airport to downtown?

Yes, there`s a shuttle bus and trolley bus connection the airport with downtown

What's the distance between Kiew (Kiev, Kyiv) Boryspil
airport and Kharkov?

The distance is 480km

Is there a train station in Kiev Boryspil Airport and are
there any trains to Kharkov?

Yes, there's a small train station at 10km from Kiev
Boryspil Airport, but there's only one 1 train to Kharkov that stops there.

What's the distance between 
Kyiv Boryspil Airport and railway station?

The discance is 40km.

How to get to Kiev railway station?

You can use a bus shuttle service. You don't need  bus
shedule as buses leave each 10 minutes. The price is 2,5 Euros (May 2012)

You can also make the airport transfer by taxi. The taxi
service in Borispil airport is well organized and a car transfer to Kiev will
cost you 25-30 Euros per car (May 2012)

Is there a bus from in Kiev Boryspil Airport to Kharkov?

Yes, the name of the companies are Autolux and Guncell but
the problem is that you can not buy a bus ticket online and the capacity of bus
transportation is too small (7 buses a day = 300 people) to buy tickets at your
arrival. However it can be a good solution for the return transfer from Kharkov
to Kiev. The price is 15-25 euros for 1 way ticket.

 How much is a long
distance taxi service from Kiev to Kharkov?

The taxi  transfer service
price from Borispil Airport to Kharkov is 220 euros per car

Do you offer transfers from Kiev to Donetsk and from Donetsk to Kiev?

Yes, we can make transfers ( 4 place car, 6 place van and 17 places minibus) from Kiev Boryspil Airport to Donetsk.

The price for Kiev-Donetsk transfer is 450-500 EUR, or 60 EUR/person

What is the train schedule from Kiev to Kharkov and form
Kharkov to Kiev?

There's a good website for train schedule, but it is in
Russian. Hower, if you use Google translator and know the cyrillic spelling of
Kharkov (Харьков) and Kiev (Киев), you can just copypaste the names to search
field. The address of the website is

What is
train ticket price between Kiev and Kharkov?

Price for
train tickets from Kiev to Kharkov varies from 10 to 20 euros (deluxe compartment
up to 70 euros)

What about new Express trains from Kiev to Kharkov?

We have new information about Express train From Kiev to Kharkov
Kiev Kharkov train  - deparure 6.15- arrival 10.45 and  deptarture 18.15- arrival 22.50
Kharkov Kiev train - 6.50-11.30 and 18.45-23.15

The price varies between 30 and 40 euros according ticket class.

You should add transfer from Kiev borispil Airport to Kiev (40 km) -
about 40 euros/car and transfer from Kharkov aiport to the apartment or hotel 25

So,if you are 4 it will cost about 200 euros.

What is the correct spelling of Kharkov?

Kharkov, Kharkiv, Charkov, Charkiv are possible correct spelling as Lwiw, Lvov, Lviv, Kiev and Kyiv.

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