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Kharkov taxi and Airport car transfer from Kyiv to Kharkiv

Transfer from the Airport of Kiev to Khmelnitsky

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We provide comfortable door-to-door car transfer from Kiev Airport (Borispol) to Khmelnitsky.


  • Boryspil Airport to Khmelnitsky downtown - 220 EUR
  • Kiev downtown to Khmelnitsky downtown - 200 EUR

Transfer time: 3,5 - 4 hours.
The transfer includes personal meeting at the airport. There're no extra fees or hidden fees.
If you need a multiple city transfer you can calculate the price yourself. Just multiply the distance from one point to another (check on by:

  • 0,6 EUR per kilometer for non stop transfers
  • 0,7 EUR per kilometer for multiple stops transfers


As most clients are already tired by the flight they demand a maximum of comfort without price increasing.
This is why most of our cars are 7 places Mercedes Vito vans with convertible seats and unfoldable couch.
So, you can sleep on a coach, work with your computer, or just watch movies on the LCD screen.

Mercedes-Benz Vitoinside the car


Khmelnitsky is the administrative center of the Khmelnytskyi Oblast (province) in central Ukraine. The city lies in the historic Podolia region on the banks of the Southern Buh River.

Places to see in Khmelnitsky: The city centre is relatively compact and can be easily explored on foot. If you want a tourist city with a multitude of attractions then Khmelnytskyi isn't for you, if you want an authentic Ukrainian city with generally friendly people, good prices and fewer rip offs than in the usual tourist centres then Khmelnytskyi is a good spot.

City transport in Khmelnitsky: usual for Ukrainian towns - buses of different size, trolleys and trams - all in price range from 0.2 to 0.4 EUR. Also taxi is availabe a your service - for about 0.4-0.5 EUR per kilometer of the way.


Our company's second branch of activity is short term rental of accommodation in Ukraine. We offer furnished apartments in Khmelnitsky with no brokers or middlemen. Just compare our rates with rates you find elsewhere and make the conclusions.

inside the apartment


There's no direct transportation from Kiev Airport to Khmelnitsky. That is why you have several steps to get to Khmelnitsky:

  • Boryspil airport to Kiev railway station

by taxi - 30 EUR
by shuttle bus - 3 EUR

  • By train from Kiev to Khmelnitsky

The problem is that you can not buy railway or bus tickets in Ukraine in advance. So, you risk to miss several trains or buses and wait up to 10 hours if all the tickets are sold out. Another problem you may face is that the ticket office employeed do not speak English and you really need to know some Russian to book the right train or bus ticket.
Train ticket price from Kiev to Khmelnitsky is about 9 EUR, bus ticket is little more expansive.
Trains departure from Kiev to Khmelnitsky: 03.50, 05.20, 06.40, 11.10, 15.30, 16.20, 18.40, 21.10, 23.10. Buses usually go a few times per day and their schedule changes pretty often.

  • From Khmelnitsky railway station to Khmelnitsky hotel or apartment

by taxi - 5 EUR
The railway station taxi drivers are not very honest, and can charge up to 50 EUR if they see that there's a foreigner.
Average time to get from the airport to the hotel or apartment in Zhitomir - 7-8 hours.